ESN products

ESN Products

Rwaytech markets the products and services of ESN Bahngeräte GmbH in France.

ESN Bahngeräte GmbH was founded in Mannheim in 1925. The company has been active in the development, manufacture and sale of components for public transport since the early 1930s

The company offers special electronic equipment’s and subassemblies for public transport companies operating on direct current. ESN have a wide range of components ranging from the temperature sensor to the contact wire/overhead line de-icing system through special relays.

Contact wire/overhead line de-icing solution

The overhead wire de-icing system eliminates costly service disruption due to the accumulation of ice or frost on the contact wire for tramway lines, and trolleybuses. This without mechanical system or glycol to remove and prevent ice, while controlling the energy consumption necessary for the prevention of frost or ice

The overhead wire de-icing system is a system of heating cables powered by the overhead line itself.

The system works with all overhead cable systems from 600 to 1,500 V. Each installation is specific.