Lubrication systems

Electronic for wheel flange lubrication

The GB14 is an on-board lubrication control system, which applies precise amounts of lubricant. Designed for all types of rail transport, the GB14 improves safety, in particular noise as well wheel and track wear.

The GB14 device is an advanced electronic control system for wheel flange lubrication allowing through multiple sensors to manage optimal lubrication, particularly :

  • Curves detection
  • Monitoring of multiple lubrication modes
  • Optimization of lubricant consumption
  • Reduction of noise and wear of wheels/rails
  • Easy to install and to setup 
  • Traditional lubrication mode for the retrofit
  • Can fit to all lubrication modes (wheel flange and top of rail)
  • compliant: EC, EN50155…


    • 4 independent valve control outputs
    • 1 speed signal input (optional use)
    • 1 Embedded GPS
    • 1 accurate and stable on-board inertial unit
    • Power supply range from 16 to 150VDC