Tomorrow’s electronic equipment’s for today’s electric public transport.

Rwaytech, industrial and railway electronic systems.

For now, more than 20 years, Rwaytech SAS has been supplying industrial and railway electronic systems. Worldwide present, we remain attentive to our customers and are constantly innovating to provide advantageous and efficient flexible solutions.

Our team-work, characterized by a global and systematic approach, meets the current international quality standards.

Rwaytech is focused on railway industry, but also present on all embedded rugged electronic industry. We design, manufacture, test and deliver products and solutions for the following applications:

    • Electronic equipment’s for fixed and embedded applications
    • Electronic devices for regulation, monitoring and protection in fixed and mobile railway applications.
    • Power electronic.
    • Sub-assembly including Electromechanical components
    • Consulting and support for definition and product specification. Project management.
    • Partnership for the marketing and technical support of railway equipment’s in France

    Rwaytech products

    Protection relays

    I et U measurement transducers for fixed applications

    I et U measurement transducers for embedded applications

    Electronic for wheel Flange Lubrication


    ESN Products

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    Sustainable products and services

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    Products thought out and designed with a cycle and a lifespan beyond expectations

    Our commitments

    Rwaytech has undertaken a process proving its voluntary commitment for the environment. Our daily actions make our company always more responsible.

    Indeed, we carry out with a view of a voluntary sustainable development policy, a day-to-day environmental watch on evolutions of the regulations applying to our work.

    We are committed to fostering local development and short supply chains. Our approach is collective, which is why we ensure that everyone is involved